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The Affordable High Fidelity Ambulance Motion Simulator is Finally Here

What is AmbuSim ?

AmbuSim is a platform aiming to train medics by placing them in a simulated environment that mimics field experience. It is designed to reduce the risk of error once the medic is on the field. It does so by preparing medics physically and mentally to handle the stress they are exposed to in real life situations.

Our platform is simply designed to teach, train and test.

The Platform
The motion platform designed and manufactured by AmbuSim allows movement in three distinct directions thus enabling a far more realistic motion simulation of air, land and sea ambulances.
The Ambulance
The ambulance cabin is coupled with the motion platform and is fully equipped. It can be customized as per the reccomendations of the client.
The Software
The software is a game based software that controls the motion platform and allows for scenario building, testing and simulating ambulance motion physics. Coupled with a web-based debriefing system with telemetry capability our system offers a turnkey solution for EMS training.
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